Hire Vector Art Services in USA & UK:

Vector Art is our passion and specialty. We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years! We master our craft enough to redraw / vectorize almost any illustration with high accuracy. If you’re interested in vector art services in USA & UK, we would love to redraw them for you with high fidelity, delivered as high-resolution vector files that can be printed at any size. We can do it fast and at a very interesting cost (not far from what you could pay for other artworks).

We can make clean photo vectors, including people, animals, buildings, mountains, cars and so on. We can turn them into perfect artwork and make you happy.


Scale Your Graphics to Any Size with Vector Conversion Services:

Are your customers coming to you with paper sketches, film or scans of logos and want you to deliver a new stencil? Then ride on our raster to vector conversion service. Our talented team of vector converter & designer use the latest technology of graphic tools, will provide you with amazing services at affordable prices.

Our raster to vector conversion services are all manually hand drawn, creating superior vector quality than using automated software. Your converted vector logo will have a small file size ready for print production. Vector converted files can be scaled to any size without any loss in quality. You can have your converted vector graphic scaled up and it will still remain sharp!

Why Use Vector Art Services:

We use HAND TRACING instead of automated. We can vectorize any image, no matter how bad the source graphic is. We advise you to send us the best quality image that you can get, because if the image is of poor quality it will increase the time for its conversion.

Your raster logo will probably be fine for the web but if you need it to be used in stationery or other uses such as signage, then you’re going to have problems. Once you try and scale it up, you’ll lose the sharpness and your logo will appear blurred and fuzzy.

To solve this problem, you need to have your logo converted (i.e. called logo conversion) into a vector image. If you have a vector drawn logo, then it can be scaled up to any size without any loss in quality. Vector based data requires a minimum storage space as compared to raster formats. This makes them ideal for company logo’s or other objects that have to be resized frequently.


Vector Artwork Conversion Portfolio:

Vector Art Conversion Comparison 1
Vector art conversion portfolio 2 - Car
vector art conversion portfolio 3 -
vector art conversion portfolio 4 - Eliza Beths Closet
vector art conversion portfolio 4 - Fight 4 Da Mic
vector art conversion portfolio 6 - Horse
vector art conversion portfolio 7 - Ocean Annies
vector art portfolio 8 - Ocean Branch Ranch
vector art portfolio 9 - Tina Avalon Dragon
vector art portfolio 10 - Skull
vector art portfolio 11 - The Global Manicurist
vector art portfolio 12 - Wausua East

Vector Conversion Process:

With Glitz Digitizing, Convert any Logo, Stencils, Maps, Illustration, Artwork, Signs, Crests, Decal designs, Badges, Patches, Photographs, Caricatures and Cartoons etc. to hand drawn vector image.

In order to convert your raster image (logo or sketch/ illustration) to all the correct formats, our designers first have to convert your image into a VECTOR based format. This is done by literally tracing the outlines of each shape using a professional VECTOR based drawing program.

Converting any kind of data, be it an image, logo or graphics, from raster to vector needs the involvement of highly skilled labor. After procuring the raster image or data from you, we trace the raster image manually to produce a vector artwork of the highest quality.

We offer the finest quality clipping path services within your specified budget. All image clipping path jobs are performed by our highly skilled professionals using up-to-date techniques.

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Vector Art Conversion FAQS:

Why choose vector art conversion?

Some printers, in particular specialty printers, prefer vector files. Vector files also deliver professional-quality graphics for web use.

1. They are resolution-independent, scalable files; they can be resized without losing quality. Unlike raster files, vector files are not made of pixels. Vector drawings are based on mathematical calculations from one point to another which define the angles and relationships between every line in the image. Because it is not made of pixels, it will never have the “pixelated”, (Not sure this is a real word) blurry look of a low-resolution raster file. They are always crisp and clear.

2. You can easily assign spot colors to sections of the image allowing the file to be printed in 2 or 3 colors rather than the 4 color process of CMYK files. Less color plates, less money. With Spot colors you are sure to get the same exact color you choose from a swatch book.

How can vector files be saved?

Vector files can be saved in several different formats and different program versions. To avoid delays, it is important that you specify which format you require and which program and version you are using to open or use the vector file. If you were asked for a vector file by a third party, please find out what format they require AND what program and version they are using so that the vector file can be saved accordingly.

Unless requested otherwise, you will receive an illustrator CS2 EPS* file.

(To use with CorelDraw: select FILE > IMPORT or request a generic PS file.)

What are some additional file formats for vector art?

  • Some file formats for vector art are mentioned below:BMP – Bitmap
    DWG – AutoCad Drawing
    DXF – AutoCad Interchange File
    EMF – Enhanced Metafile
    EPS – Encapsulated PostScript
    GIF – Compuserve
    JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
    PCT – Macintosh PICT
    PDF – Portable Document Format
    PNG – Portable Network Graphics Bitmap
    PS – PostScript

Do you offer any warranty?

100% Money-Back Warranty. A copy of the vector file will be sent in GIF format for proofing purposes prior to sending the vector file. If the GIF proof file does not look exactly as you expected, we will refund your money – no questions asked.

If you request a rush order and opt-out the proof, to expedite the vector file transfer, the warranty is voided.
Unless requested otherwise, you will receive an illustrator CS2 EPS* file.
(To use with CorelDraw: select FILE > IMPORT or request a generic PS file.)

Will you send vector file for proofing purposes?

A copy of the vector file will be sent in GIF format prior to sending the vector file for proofing purposes. If the proof file is satisfactory, you will then receive your vector file.

Do I need a copyright to reproduce an image?

Even if an image does not have a copyright notice, it does not mean it is public domain. Please do not ask ZAZ Digitizing to reproduce an image if you do not have permission from the copyright owner or if you are unsure of its copyright status.

What is your usual turnaround time?

Turnaround time is generally 24 hours or less. Complex designs may take longer. Please specify if you have a deadline and we will let you know if the deadline can be met.

Why can’t I open a vector file?

You need a professional graphics program to open vector files. Most likely you need a vector file because your printer asked for it. The printer will be able to open the file if saved in the appropriate format/version. It is always a good idea to ask your printer before-hand what program and version they use to avoid delays.

What is the difference between conversion program & mouse drawn?

Generally conversion programs do not produce good results, the imperfections in the low resolution files translate to the vector file. Occasionally, the conversion program can generate good results if the original file is a high resolution, very sharp black and white image, but that is rarely the case.

A conversion program will be used only if the image allows, to pass savings unto you, but it is more likely that manipulation with a drawing program will be necessary.

Can I open the vector file with a Non-Vector program?

If you open the vector file with a non-vector program (like photoshop), please do not save it. If you would like to save a copy, “save as” with a different name and different extension (e.g. .psd). Opening a vector file with a non-vector program rasterizes the file and it will no longer be of use for companies requiring vector art.

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