Custom Embroidery Digitizing Services in the USA & UK

Customized apparel can help you maintain your company image or build a new one.  A name or logo custom embroidered on a shirt, a cap, or a jacket will boost your identity to new heights. With custom embroidery digitizing services from Glitz Digitizing, you can make your business, organization, or team spirit soar as many of the World’s top companies already have. The high-quality state-of-the-art services of Glitz Digitizing are now available to local organizations. Dress up your business, team, or family gathering with your CUSTOM IMAGE. We can personalize almost any fabric item with an embroidered image and we also do silk screening.

Your image will stand out from the crowd and stand up to the test of time. If you prefer, you may supply your garments and we can embroider on virtually any fabric. 

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Why Choose Us for Customized Embroidery:

We use the most advanced computer graphic embroidery technology available. Bring us your custom artwork, logo or idea and we will reproduce it on a fine quality garment or accessory. With over 10 years of experience in embroidery, graphic arts and digitizing techniques we can produce the finest quality embroidered products. No job is too small or too large.

Do you have a custom design that you would like to convert to embroidery? No problem. With a one-time setup fee your design can be digitized to the language that our embroidery machines will interpret and embroider onto the garments that you have selected. Glitz Digitizing will then keep your design in our file for your next order, and as long as there is no change in the actual configuration of the design layout then there is not another setup charge.

Custom Embroidery FAQs

Learn some important FAQs on custom embroidery answered below:

Custom Embroidery Digitizing Process:

Embroidery is the process of taking a design and sewing it onto a garment or accessory. While it seems easy enough there a few steps that must be taken to get a final product.

First you need a design. Second you need to transform your design into embroidery format, called digitizing, that can be read by an embroidery machine. Third you need a garment or accessory. Fourth you need to figure out what colors you want the design, the size of the design and where you want the design. That’s it. In just a few steps you can have an embroidered item.

Follow the steps below to select an item from our catalog and fill out our quote request form.

  • View Our Portfolio

    Click on our portfolio links to find your garment or accessories. Peruse our portfolio to find the item or items you are interested in.

  • Get A Quote:

    Once you've found the item you'd like embroidered, fill out your contact information and note your preferred method of contact (phone, fax or email), and embroidery instructions, and then submit the quote request form. We'll be in touch within 24 hours with a custom quote.

  • Send Us Your Design/Logo:

    If you have a logo or design that you would like embroidered on your item, send a high quality JPEG or Bitmap image of it to Taking an image and converting it into embroidery format is called digitizing. Most left chest logos are between 2 thousand and 5 thousand stitches. A price quote on digitizing will be included separately with your estimate.

  • If You Don't Have a Logo:

    If you do not have a logo, you can check out our online embroidery design portfolio, most designs can be personalized with text for no extra charge. Enter the design you have selected in the design box and any text you would like to accompany the design. If you lack a logo and do not find any designs in the online catalog, we can help you create a logo.

1. I want to get my logo or design custom embroidered on some shirts or hats. How does this work?

First we need a copy of your logo / design. It can be a picture, a business card, letterhead, computer graphic file, almost anything. But the better the quality, the easier it is for us to digitize it accurately. It can be in black and white (from a photo copy), but you must explain what the colors are.

Once we have your logo / design we will digitize it into our computerized embroidery format. From there we can embroider it onto your merchandise. There is a one time only fee per logo / design for the digitizing set up.

2. If I don't already have a logo or design, can you design one for me? How much will that cost?

We have an excellent art department that can design your logo or design. Please call for an individual price quote.

3. Do you have any minimum order requirements for merchandise?

We have no minimum order requirments. However we do offer price breaks based on the quantity of merchandise ordered.

(Hint: Your first embroidery order will include the one time set up charge for your design. The more merchandise you buy will allow you to spread the cost of the set up charge over the total merchandise order bringing down the "per piece" cost, plus any price breaks for quantity.)

4. Why is your merchandise not shown or listed on your website?

Unfortunately it is logistically impossible for us to offer our entire catalogue online. We offer hundreds of shirts, caps, totes, towels, and bags in all different sizes, colors, and qualities.

Please contact us to discuss your order and we will send out a catalogue to you. We are always glad to help you in your selection of merchandise by comparing prices, color combinations, and quality.

5. Can I receive a free sample of my embroidered design, merchandise, or digitizing prior to actually placing an order?

Yes we do offer free samples only for left chest and hat logo on customer demand.

6. I've had embroidered merchandise done before and have not been impressed with the quality. What assurances do I have that your quality is to my expectations?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarentee. We will refund or replace any merchandise your are not satisfied with, is damaged, or of poor quality.

We do not honor circumstances that were at no fault of Stegman Creations such as orders completed with incorrect specifications given by the client. Please make sure you specify colors, sizes, personalizations, quantities, merchandise styles, etc. when confirming your order.