Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing ZAZ Digitizing as your service provider for any kind of digitization and vectorization. Your privacy is our highest priority. We do take care of our customers’ privacy policy very seriously. In this policy section, we explain the method of your data collection that is handled for specific purposes. We do not sell, distribute or share our records with anyone either individual or an enterprise.

Collection of Information

All the information that is collected through this web portal, is owned and accessible by ZAZ Digitizing only. The only information we make use of or have access is provided to us by the customers (voluntarily) themselves. Either by contacting us directly over the phone, through an email or either by registering at “”.

Use of Information

These are the main factors in which your information is used.

  • To personalize your data and provide the service that is best suited for your need.
  • Email address used just for ensuring the order delivery.
  • Custom offers, newsletters, and for sending free designs.

As aforementioned, the information and the data we collect from you (our customers) is not to be sold to any other enterprise or organization. Furthermore, the collected data and information will be utilized for ZAZ Digitizing as well.

All of the collected information including the password that you made for your account will be saved into our database for future references.

Our Customer Rights

You (our customer) reserve the right to instruct us to provide the necessary information we kept within our records. You may further address any concern or queries about us keeping your data. All the information you have submitted to us will be encrypted. Also, we protect your other data in our secure database.

Moreover, you may also ask us not to contact you any further in the future for marketing purposes or any.

Update in Information

You are requested to make us aware of any personal information, i.e. email address, phone number(s), etc., that needs to be updated, modified, or corrected in our records at your earliest convenience.

Security Precautions

We take special precautions in order to prevent any kind of loss, damage, and modification of your personal and sensitive information, within our records, online only.

Our website uses an SSL certificate. Our customers can check it from their browser at the top right corner. A green padlock icon will show you that means your browser has validated our SSL certificate. All your data that is sent from your browser to our server will automatically be encrypted. All of the information is encrypted to maximize the security of our customers. Furthermore, we will never ask you to disclose your password, except for the log-in purpose. The responsibility of safekeeping the password rests upon you. ZAZ Digitizing is not liable for any loss of data, whether it may be due to a technical error, hack or any other.

Your email addresses or any other information collected through the order form will not be shared/published elsewhere.


We reserve the right to, and will, update this policy occasionally by issuing a newer version on our website in lieu of the changes within the business environment and the organization within. It is recommended that you visit this page from time to time, in order be aware of any and every changes or amendment made to the privacy policy.